Mary Roxette Laurente-Edjic
Mary Roxette Edjic
MOMOROXETTE ; digital art & photography

Mary Roxette Edjic

MOMOROXETTE ; digital art & photography


About Me

Mary Roxette Laurente-Edjic, a proud Pinay. I started to enhance my skills in art when I'm still a five-year-old kid. Starting with tracing characters, then copying it. I realized I can do on my own without copies, I started doing my own artworks at the age of 8. I join art contests if I can. I love photography. For me, it's an art. I can decide for angles and texture. I love portraiture and night shooting. I joined on June 2009. Heard of it two years ago but unfortunately, at that time, I am still interested on doing traditional arts and not so fond of posting my works online.

I hope I can do business with y'all.


I've been doing photomanipulations and practicing photography. I specialize in portraiture and I love painting too. People emails me, asking if I can do some work for them and I seldom agree, with corresponding payment.

I go to shows, workshops and photoshoots.


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